Pierre Guy Van’t Slot

Web developing/Web support
10 Years

Personal Information

As Freelancer I do phone interpreting services for Chatlas. 
My basic skills in web developing, I create websites, I offer hosting and web support, updates…

I’m a freelancer, process Server and Web admin. Every time I am looking for new opportunities.. My mother tongue is luxembourgish.
Feel free to contact me +352 621741499 (also on whatsapp)

I am multilingual so I write and speak fluent English, French, German and Luxembourgish.




  • If Google can’t crawl your site, it’s not going to rank – but that doesn’t mean avoiding Javascript.
  • For businesses which sell products online and and improve their product listings in the search results.
  • If you’re investing in a new website it’s important to ensure it’s built to succeed in the search results too.

Technical Information


We combine a broad range of technical expertise with an unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction. 

We provide full-cycle services in the areas of Web and Software creation, web application and portal development.

Our company will provide customized software creation services that solve problems and delivers promises. 

 Offers web design creation, web development and integration, we strive to create the perfect website for each of our clients.

We will design your website to look great, and meet the needs of both you and your target audience.

Your business is important to us, and we will work with you to create the perfect design for your business need.

Most creative agency in Luxembourg with cheapest creation of websites and e-commerce in Luxembourg!

Be it projects for the conception of Corporate websites, online shops or social media platforms, Petre accompanies you from the study of your needs up to the putting in place of your website, while passing through hosting and maintaining the site on secure servers.

Our prices allow us to position ourselves amongst the cheapest agencies for the creation of websites in Europe.

We offer 24/7 customer support, and all our IT Services support many languages, ranging from French, German, to LU and English Language.

We offer:
* Create Websites
* Host Websites
* Renting Web Servers
* Website Maintainance
* CMS Management
* E-commerce Websites
* Social Media Platforms
* Hosting of websites in Luxembourg

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